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88th Indiana Infantry

Posted 1/13/2023

Finial Style: Point With Portion of flagstaff

Location Housed: Private Collection of Nate Grossman

Measurements: 4 " high X 2 and 1/8th" diameter

Recovery Location: Private Purchase

Finial Attribution: Possibly 88th Indiana Infantry

Photograph Accreditation: Nate Grossman

Additional Information:   This brass finial weighs approximately 20 ounces of solid brass with a one inch threaded hole. As you can see, the wood staff screwed directly into the bottom of the brass finial. This is a very unique finial that has not been seen in the past by the author. 

The owner of the staff and finial is in possession of a blue state style silk flag that is in the process of professional restoration. According to the owner, the flag, and staff reportedly belong to the 88th Indiana Volunteer Infantry, however, at this point, more research is being conducted in order to positively identify the regiment to whom may have carried this finial atop the staff and blue flag. 

If in fact the flag, and finial in possession of Mr. Grossman proven to be that of the 88th Indiana Infantry, the regiment boasts of a Congressional Medal of Honor winner in Lt. Allan Houston Dougall, who won the medal at the battle of Bentonville, North Carolina in 1865.  Dougall won the medal by saving the flag of his regiment under a "galling fire" where the 88th's color bearer had fallen. Could this be the finial that was atop that flag? Maybe more research will bear that out. 

DSC_0139 2.jpg
DSC_0140 2.jpg

Sources: Nate Grossman

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