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Posted 11/28/22

Finial Style: Spade with Upper Ferrule

Location Housed: Gettysburg National Military Park, Museum Collection, Gett 7034

Measurements: 7 3/16th " high X 3 3/16th" wide

Recovery Location: Gettysburg Battlefield

Finial Attribution: Provenance unknown

Photograph Accreditation: Gettysburg National Military Park, Museum Collection

Additional Information:   This brass finial from the top of a flagstaff has a ferrule that is decorated with 4 raised bands {2 at the top and 2 at the bottom}, with a single screw hole between the lower raised bands. There is a wide brass arrowhead or spade shaped point with wings at the bottom. The wings of the point are engraved with "S" motif and simple lined border on stippled field. The tip of the point is bent. 

The only information on the piece through the Gettysburg National Military Park Museum is that the piece was found on the Gettysburg Battlefield. The author has never seen this type of stripling on a spade finial in the past, and has no idea what the "S" motif may represent. 

Sources: Gettysburg National Military Park, Museum Collection

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