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Miscellaneous Confederate Point Finial

Posted 10/10/2022

Finial Style: Point Style 

Location Housed: Private Collection

Measurements: 13’2” [entire flagstaff] 

Recovery Location: Virginia

Finial Attribution: Unknown

Photograph Attribution: Penn Templeman

Additional Information: This finial is on the original wooden flagstaff, and does not appear to have ever been removed. The spear point is made of tin material and is hollow body. This piece was originally purchased in Virginia by the late Steve Mullinax of Georgia, and sold approximately 10 years ago to a private Georgia collector. The piece has been thoroughly examined by well-known Civil War appraiser John Sexton, who believes the piece is a Confederate flagstaff, and finial. This piece is currently for sale by the owner located in Georgia. If you are interested in the purchase of this staff and finial, please contact me for the sellers information.

Penn Templeman.png
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